• So serious... LA Shorts Fest premiere of AIRBAG - September 2012
  • Lucan Melkonian (Emil) and Luba Chan (Claire) on the set of AIRBAG.
  • Tommy Garcia (Ashley) and Victoria Park (Maggie) on the set of THE EX FACTOR.

PressPix Media

Welcome to PressPix Media! I sincerely appreciate your stopping by. To learn more about us and our projects, feel free to browse! If you’d like to just say, “Hey,” look no further than below! I hope to hear from you soon.

-Tommy Garcia, Founder

PressPix Media is happy to announce that our new film, LIFE TUNE, is looking great in post! Like us on Facebook for all updates. Watch our previous film, DISCRETION, on Amazon Prime or buy/rent here!

Who are we?

PressPix Media is a full-service film production and digital advertising boutique, created for both the artist and the marketer. We write, direct and produce narrative, filmed content that satisfies two objectives:

  1. Engage a targeted audience with a compelling story.
  2. Strengthen the client’s brand and maximize ROI.

PressPix Media believes that all parties involved in a project should work toward the same goal(s); whether to tell a story, sell goods and services, promote a worthy cause, or perhaps all three! We encourage open communication, transparency, and respect at every stage of development, production, and marketing. We look forward to expanding our efforts both in film and the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape, and celebrate their different yet frequently intersecting paths.

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